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2016 Vancouver Pro/Am Coverage!
2016 Vancouver Pro-Am and BCABBA Provincial Championships

July 9-10, 2016

Vancouver, BC, Canada - Pros invaded western Canada over the weekend to compete at the Vancouver Convention Center for the 2016 Vancouver Pro-Am, of which, the "Am" portion included the British Columbia Amateur Body Building Association's (BCABBA) Provincial championships.  Competitors in every category of physique competition took the stage fighting to Olympia and Nationals qualifications.
This was the second year for this show, promoted by IFBB Pro Michelle KrackVancouver Pro physique champion Mindi O'Brien and was the first year to include the Provinicial Championships.

The BCABBA Provincial Championships showcased some impressive physiques and notables included Physique A class winner Colby Whelpton who has nice muscularity and thickness throughout - we expect her to do well at Nationals in a few weeks. In the Open B class Jill Foley had the best routine and won the best poser award.  Her physique packs on a lot of muscle and if she comes in a shade tighter in the future should move up in placing.

Amateur figure athletes also impressed us with many looking good and making it tough on the judges.  In the masters 35-44 class Jasmine Foltyn, Kate Joyal and Tiffany Baker all impressed us.

In the Open classes we took note of Shauna Marie, Christine Wallace and Bree Balaski who all had standout physiques.

The Vancouver Pro competition had six fitness athletes competing but a few former fitness competitors were competing in the Women's Physique competition including overall champion Mindi O'Brien and Jodi Boam.

Their fitness backgrounds were evident in their routines and O'Brien's presentation was quite moving with great transitions and creative poses choreographed impeccably to her music.  Paired with a physique that was conditioned just right and awesome stage presence, O'Brien was a very deserving winner, cementing her place at the Olympia later this year.

Second went to rising pro star, Eleonora Dobrinina from Ontario who always looks like she's having a blast on stage.  With crisp conditioning, fantastic glutes and a lot of energy on stage, Dobrinina keeps improving and likely will challenge for a title soon enough.

Third went to Lisa Stark followed by Mi Hyun Jung of South Korea.

Look out for the buzz on Jung as she's got great stage presence and we had a nice shoot with her after the show.  The country has produced notable physique competitors like Yeon Woo Jhi and Jung is following along and making splashes.  Her routine was really high energy and her creativity and fun posing included some neat moves like shown below.  She has a promising future and we look forward to seeing more of her in future competitions.

Rounding out the top five was former bodybuilder Carmena Tocheniuk and Ontario's Carol Hanley took sixth.

In Pro Fitness the routines were really entertaining and prove once again why it may be the toughest category to compete in (which is probably why the number of competitors seems to keep dwindling :( ).  Check out the routine shots below for a good sampling of the energy and fitness skills on display!

Mi Hyun Jung physique routine

jr nationals 2006 - chicago
- womens bodybuidling champion, krissy murrell, kris


Vancouver Pro Championships

1) Mindi O’Brien
2) Eleonora Dobrinina
3) Lisa Stark
4) Mi Hyun Jung
5) Carmen Tocheniuk
6) Carol Hanley
7) Tamara Qureshi
8) Jodi Boam
9) Leah Johnson
10) Jeni Briscoe
11) Tannaz Malekzadeh
12) Branka Njegovec
13) Roxanne Edwards
14) Michelle Mcbeth
15) Sheri Mcknight
16) Cat Lopez
17) Casey Stone

IFBB Pro Fitness
1) Dominique Matthews
2) Jeanine Taddeo
3) Chika Aluka
4) Kim Scoffins
5) Debbie Clark

Jessica Reyes Padilla
2) Azaria Glaim
3) Janaina Ferreira
4) Melissa Bumstead
5) Emily Zelinka
6) Veronica Gallego
7) Bruna Miyagui
8) Sara Ard
9) Codi Jaeger
10) Kristina Dybdahl-Farnsworth
11) Julie Mayer
12) Darcy Defrees
13) Kalli Youngstrom
14) Marie Natalie Janik
15) Angie Lemay
16) Agnese Russo
17) Laura Donegan
17) Kassie Kemmis

BCABBA Provincials

Women's Physique

Masters Physique

Women's Bodybuilding

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