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2012 NPC Nationals
2012 NPC Nationals

November 9-10, 2012

fbb pro nationals kira, rene marven, juanita blainoAtlanta, GA, USA - Original chatter about the show said that there'd be over 1000 competitors but in the end just under 900 athletes took to the stage for a plethora of pro cards.  We focused our attention to the Women's Physique and Women's Bodybuilding competitions and saw two fantastic overall winners in Juanita Blaino in bodybuilding and Toni West in physique.  

West looked outstanding in physique and has amazing shape and proportions.  She could do well in bodybuilding as well, but in physique she looks fantastic.  The other pro cards in physique went to Danielle Reardon, Lindy Waid, Katie Bartlett, Audrey Presson, Jamie Pinder, Asha Hadley and Alisa Alday.  

Reardon won the A Class and has a tremendous physique for such a young competitor.  Her presentation is also a strength and she should do well in the pro ranks too.  Some of the overlooked competitors or ones with good potential that we liked included Katie Bartlett who's upper body was tight and had a good overall look but just needed to be a shade tighter.  Katie Chin also has a nice structure but just needed to be tighter too and Melissa Hong looked ripped.  Probably a bit too much for the judges but we liked what she brought to the stage.  

Toni West IFBB Physique ProJayme Appleman was probably our favorite that placed outside the top ten.  She placed 11th in the C class, but has a striking look with good lines and should have been placed much higher.  Look for her to make the first callout soon.  

In womens bodybuilding we thought all the class winners were deserving and the judges did a great job with the category.  In addition to Blaino, pro cards went to each class winner which included lightweight Crystal Reike, middleweight champ Rene Marven, and light heavyweight winner Kira Neuman.

In the lightweights it was Linda Smith who came in second to Reike and Stefanie Kitner in third who looked amazing and is sure to turn pro soon.  

Marven made a huge splash and dominated the MW class.  With a huge back, thick legs and spot on conditioning, she beat out the impressive Cassie Bates.  Bates, from Frisco, TX was ripped and is another future pro.  Fellow Texan Holly Chambliss took third  followed by the impressive Jolynn Shane who was one of the many protoges of trainer PJ Braun.

In the LHW, former Collegiate National Champion Kira Neuman, who wanted to come in as a MW, swept the judges scorecard scoring a perfect 5 pts to claim the class.  She beat out veteran Karen Choate who looked big and full.  The best glutes in the show belonged to Kristine Mele who took third and has a promising future as well.  Myra Adams has a thick, muscular physique that took her into fourth place just ahead of Jessica Simonet.

In the heavyweights, behind Blaino was a duo of fantastic new faces.  Second was Nikki Stadleman from North Carolina and in third was Susan Smith.  Both had great shape and Smith may have one of the best structures we've seen in a bit.  She could fill out her frame more, quite easily with her height, and should have a bright future.  Fourth went to Dana Richards and the fifth and sixth spots went to veteran national level competitors Sue Scheppele and Tina Zampa respectively.  Zampa wins the award for the most mass and looked amazing, especially from the back.  She was definitely the most muscular bodybuilder in the show.

In the figure classes, a few of the folks we liked that were overlooked included the ripped Laura Foster and Brooke Merritt who was also quite lean. In Class C Hyla Conrad had great presentation on stage with a lot of sass while in D we thought Sarah Pitsch should have placed higher.  Rachael Loftus has a structure we really liked, and when Vanessa Naesheim came out on stage, we thought she immediately had the class title (she ended up in third).  

The final 'overlooked' athlete we wanted to give props too was  Kimberly Duncan of Tampa.  
female bodybuilder cassie bates
physique star Jayme appelman

jr nationals 2006 - chicago - womens bodybuidling champion, krissy murrell, kris murrell


Womens Bodybuilding

Overall: Juanita Blaino*

1) Crystal Rieke*
2) Linda Smith 
3) Stefanie Kitner 
4) Patricia Watson 
5) Tiffany Delano 
6) Maria Davis 
7) Angelita McGhee 
8) Vanessa Valdez 
9) Dana Lowe 
10) Donna Sweat

1) Rene Marven* 
2) Cassie Bates 
3) Holly Chambliss 
4) Jolyn Shane 
5) Tomefafa Ameko
5) Leah Wilson 
7) Melanie Landry 
8) Cheryl Faust 
9) Mary Stanton 

Light Heavyweights
1) Kira Neuman* 
2) Karen Choat 
3) Kristine Mele 
4) Myra Adams 
5) Jessica Simonet 
6) Joella Bernard 
7) Miava Nelson 
8) Ivette Sheek 
9) Margaret Martin 
10) Amanda Wright  

1) Juanita Blaino* 
2) Nikki Stadleman 
3) Susan Smith 
4) Dana Richards 
5) Sue Scheppele 
6) Tina Zampa 
7) Audry Peden 
8) Yamile Marrero 
9) Tischa Thomas 
10) Anne Dudash  
11) Julie Peavey 
12) Natalie Bizzarri Ciccone 


Overall: Toni West*

Class A
1) Danielle Reardon* 
2) Lindy Waid* 
3) Rosela Joseph 
4) Giselle Fernandez 
5) Jennifer Jacque 
6) Jill Vadala 
7) Tonya Shull 
8) Camala LaRoco 
9) Jami Frenkel 
10) Adina Edwards 
11) Laveca Smith  
12) Jill Leake 

Class B
1) Katie Bartlett* 
2) Audrey Presson* 
3) Rachel McMillian 
4) Missy Bennett 
5) Ally Baker 
6) Holland Canter 
7) Nancy Espinal 
8) Jamie Young 
9) Natalie Bastiao 
10) Shauna Lewis 
11) Rocio Guillen 
12) Nickie Clark 
13) Fern Assard 
14) Mia Howard 
15) Rebecca Cooper 
    Viviana Soldano 
    Janet Gerber 
    Mariah Lane 
    Katie Chin 

Class C
1) Toni West* 
2) Jamie Pinder* 
3) Tracy Weller 
4) Alisa Allen 
5) Alicia King 
6) Janelle Miller 
7) Jessica Bowman 
8) Jessica Gaines
9) Jayla McDermott 
10) Ginger Martin 
11) Jayme Appleman 
12) Melissa Hong 
13) Kim Goeden 
14) Kendal Dolen 
15) Eda Greene 
    Dawn Borjas 
    Dorothy Trojanowicz 
    Zahira Landestoy 
    Stephanie Hannon 
    Kayla Sellers 
    Jenetta Thompson 

Class D
1) Asha Hadley* 
2) Alisa Alday* 
3) Tammy Bleile 
4) Lynnie Brooks 
5) Jennifer Brent 
5) Joanna Wilson 
6) Roxie Beckles 
7) Violet Wilson 
8) Lindsey Rojas 
9) Catherine Zidell 
10) Brienne Eubanks 
11) Heather Peterson 

* Eligible for IFBB Pro Status


Overall: Nicole Sims*

Additional Pro Card Winners
    Danielle Sereluca* 
    Angela Coleman* 
    Christy Allen* 
    Jennifer Baker* 
    Tamara Sedlack* 
    Michelle Shepherd* 
    Cydney Gillon* 
    Elizabeth Jenkins* 
    Corinna Booth* 
    Belinda Hope* 
    Tonya Weinle*

Class A
1) Danielle Sereluca* 
2) Angela Coleman* 
3) Samantha Maycock 
4) Maria Aracena 
5) Kelly McGehee 
6) Erica Blockman 
7) Colleen McMahon 
8) Yubia Depina 
9) Vickie Biberian 
10) Melissa Girard 
11) Brenda Gabbard 
12) Huong Vo 
13) Michelle Moore 
14) Esthela Heiler 
15) May Strickland 
    Michelle Beatty 
    Darcy Dassow 
    Lynda Figueredo 
    Rina Patel 
    Natalia Young 
    Kandace Shelby 
    Julie Paquin 
    Keysa Ortiz Garica 
    Stacy Reese 

Class B
1) Jennifer Baker* 
2) Christy Allen* 
3) Jennifer Moriarty 
4) Traci McDonald 
5) Amy Phillips 
6) Megan Wyble 
7) Kelly Hater 
8) Hallie Cook 
9) Danielle Price 
10) Lacy Smith 
11) Vicki Dowell 
12) Valeria Palamidy 
13) Trisha Fleischer 
14) Lia Taylor 
15) Megan Morris 
    Laura Foster 
    Tiffany Faxon 
    Christina Chance 
    Susan McDonald 
    Aymara Baquevo 
    Hilda Pastoriza 
    Stacey Morton 
    Brooke Merritt 
    Kelly Diffenderfer 
    Sheri Cochran 
    Autmn Cleveland 
    Victoria Flores 
    Maggie Corso 
    Mindi Giroir 
    Veronica Belletto 

Class C
1) Nicole Sims* 
2) Tamara Sedlack* 
3) TJ Wiltz 
4) Kimberly Zachry 
5) Christine Gardner 
6) Michelle Krause 
7) Megan Donnelson 
8) Stacy Charles 
9) Kellie Sullivan 
10) Sarah Hoy 
11) Chioma Uwasomba 
12) Kim Haines 
13) Gina Policastro 
14) Celeste Hunt 
15) Tatum Bounds 
    Tiffany Garrett 
    Christy Seguin 
    Hyla Conrad 
    Samantha Belcher 
    Kristi Popp 
    Barbara Anderson 
    Erica Clark 
    Amy Ramage 
    Erika Otero 
    Courtney Christiana 
    April DeLaPaz 
    Michelle Smith 
    Jeanette Samuelson 
    Elizabeth James 
    Yvette Ortega-Garrison 
    Jodi Young 
    Kimberly Elizabeth 
    Charlene Floyd 
    Lauren Leckwold 
    Shelly Cannon 
    Anya Spector 

Class D
1) Cydney Gillon* 
2) Michelle Shepherd* 
3) Vanessa Rahn 
3) Vanessa Naesheim 
4) Lauren Valentino 
5) Amanda Quinlan  
6) Jael Lamothe
7) Kristy McKinney 
8) Zahira Landestoy 
9) Kelli Ruth 
10) Jennifer Brown 
11) Ashley Lemmons 
13) Marcie Trujillo 
14) Cristin Autry 
15) Dixie Reynolds 
    Christina Larson 
    Jennifer Dees 
    Brandy Smith 
    Rachael Loftis 
    Vicki Mullens 
    Siene Allen 
    Brandee Shropshire 
    Carson Costello 
    Michelle Brown 
    Lita Lewis 
    Brenda Lauver 
    Jami Shields 
    Lisa Tanker 
    Donna Alexander 
    Grace Ripslinger 
    Rhionnon Mackenzie 
    Laura Bailey 
    Chantelle Huber 
    Erin Davis 
    Carla Araujo 
    Lori Canova 
    Christine Conoscenti 
    Sarah Pitsch 
    Karla Rodriguez 
    Lindsay Farling 
    Kisha Lane 
    Denise Cadenas 
    Querida Jones 
    Renee Mengel 

Class E
1) Corinna Booth* 
2) Elizabeth Jenkins* 
3) Jennifer Iritano 
4) Tara Zito 
5) Kimberly Linton 
6) Annette Mendez 
7) Jennifer Delgado 
8) Katie Grevey 
9) Mystra Tillotson  
10) Chelsey Young 
11) Krystal Bogan 
12) Yolanda Anthony 
13) Kasey Tabar 
14) Melina Lee 
15) Kim Steckman 
    Claudia Meijberg 
    Kaylan Ostrander 
    Maleka Sweat
    Amy Caperton 
    Caroline Lovino 
    Brigette King 
    Melanie Cole 
    Katie Kreidler 

Class F
1) Belinda Hope* 
2) Tanya Weinle* 
3) Ecko Johnson 
4) Veronica Jackson 
5) Sailyn DeBernardis 
6) Terina Perry 
7) Amanda Betron 
8) Stephanie Naeau 
9) Sarah Wernert 
10) Roshonda Schmitt 
11) Bryana Turner 
12) Casidy Welch 
13) Kimberly Duncan 
14) Leslie Ward 
15) Sabina Moise 
    Rebekah Willich 
    Monica Richard 
    Heather Horton 
    Denise Holloway 
    Brittany Murchie 
    Debbie Westby 
    Camille Clarke 
    Kimberly Dickson  
    Jessica Curry 
    Heather Moore 
    Katie Leboeuf 
    Kelsey Boe 
    Shayann Schuessler 
    Victoria Hamm 
    Monica Perez 
    Samantha Baker 
    Cheryl Lenzer 
    Amber Price 
    Tia Trent 
    Hannah Ringholm 
    Maria Carson 

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