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2011 Olympia Weekend
2011 Olympia Weekend - Fitness Olympia, Figure Olympia, Bikini Olympia, Ms Olympia

Sept 17, 2011

Iris over YaxeniLas Vegas, NV -  Iris Kyle is creeping up on Lenda Murray's record with her seventh Ms. Olympia title.  Kyle admitted to coming in a bit less ripped this year but that didn't change the results as she again bested the top female bodybuilders in the world to earn another Sandow and further cement her place in the history books.  Meanwhile, Adela Garcia did the same on the fitness side besting Tanji Johnson and a host of others in the Fitness Olympia.  On the bikini side of things, Nicole Nagrani won the title while last year's champion Sonia Gonzales fell to fifth.

Nathalia Mello took second to Nagrani, but although we don't cover the bikini as much, we thought she had a better overall package.  In fitness Tanji Johnson still is at the cusp of an Olympia title, but look out for Myriam Capes to continue her ascent.  With one of the most dynamic routines of the evening, the Canadian powerhouse has a bright future and we wouldn't be surprised to see her as the Fitness Olympia champion some day.

Back to women's bodybuilding, Yaxeni Oriquen took second again to Iris.  The two were friendly on stage even as they continue to battle each other for titles.  Brigita Brezovac took third and came in very crisply conditioned.  She was followed by Debi Laszewski who was in her typically shredded shape and thick, dense muscularity.  Alina Popa took fifth and was perhaps the most anticipated debut on the Olympia stage.  Even sixth place finisher Sheila Bleck couldn't help but be excited about seeing what Popa brought to the stage when she was interviewed by former Ms. Olympia Lenda Murray at the Meet the Olympians event on Thursday evening.

After Bleck was Kim Perez.  Perez has such a powerfully built upper body with some of the biggest guns on the stage, and with her tiny waist makes a memorable silhouette.  She was followed by Canadian Nicole Ball who was in excellent shape with cuts and striations throughout.  Perhaps the most overlooked compeititor was Helle Neilsen from Denmark.  The Dane displayed some of the most impressive lower body development in the contest to match a big, full upper body, but was only placed in 14th place.

On the Figure Olympia side, the battle was between Erin Stern and Nicole Wilkins and this time out Wilkins won out.    

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Ms. Olympia
1) Iris Kyle
2) Yaxeni Oriquen
3) Brigita Brezovac
4) Debi Laszewski
5) Alina Popa
6) Sheila Bleck
7) Kim Perez
8) Nicole Ball
9) Monique Jones
10) Tina Chandler
11) Kim Buck
12) Heather Foster
13) Cathy LeFrancois
14) Helle Nielsen
15) Skadi Seifert
16) Dayana Cadeau
17) Mah-ann Mendoza

Bikini Olympia
1) Nicole Nagrani
2) Nathalia Melo
3) Dianna Dahlgren
4) Jaime Baird
5) Sonia Gonzales
6) India Paulino
7) Alison Rosen
8) Juliana Daniell
9) Abigail Burrows
10) Justine Munro
11) Diana Graham
12) Natalie Pennington
13) Christina Vargas
14) Vanessa Prebyl
15) Cristina Vujnich
16 tie) Barbara Bolotte
tie) Candyce Graham
tie) Cristina Mendivil
tie) Dina Al Sabah
tie) Jennifer Andrews
tie) Jenny Drennan
tie) Jessica Jessie
tie) Kelly Gonzales
tie) Marisa Renee Lee
tie) Missy Coles
tie) Nathalie Mur
tie) Shelsea Montes
tie) Vanessa Campbell

Fitness Olympia
1) Adela Garcia
2) Tanji Johnson
3) Myriam Capes
4) Tina Durkin
5) Oksana Grishina
6) Michelle Blank
7) Bethany Wagner
8) Jodi Boam
9) Camala Rodriguez
10) Nicole Duncan
11) Diana Monteiro
12) Regiane DaSilva
13) Kizzy Vaines

Figure Olympia
1) Nicole Wilkins
2) Erin Stern
3) Ava Cowan
4) Candice Keene

Theresa Anthony
6) Alicia Harris
7) Cheryl Brown
8) Latisha Wilder
9) Jelena Abbou
10) Larissa Reis
11) Gennifer Strobo
12) Chelsey Morgenstern
13) Heather Dees
14) Alea Suarez
15) Felicia Romero
16 tie)  Ann Titone
16 tie)  Candice John
16 tie)  Courtney West
16 tie)  Darlene Escano
16 tie)  Deena Walsh
16 tie)  Ella Horton
16 tie)  Holly Beck
16 tie)  Jami DeBernard
16 tie)  Krissy Chin
16 tie)  Kristen Nagrani
16 tie)  Michele Mayberry
16 tie)  Natalie Waples
16 tie)  Raechelle Chase

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