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2010 Olympia Weekend
2010 Olympia weekend

September 25, 2010

2009 NPC National Bodybuilding Champion Kris Murrell

Las Vegas, NV, USA - Iris Kyle once again proved unstoppable bringing an incredibly crisp, cut physique with so many lines that even a tremendously improved Debi Laszewski and former Ms Olympia Yaxeni Oriquen couldn't overcome the reigning Ms Olympia.  Laszewski in particular looked fantastic.  She had added size throughout and was incredibly conditioned.  A second place finish for Laszewski would have been totally deserved, but it was Oriquen who took the spot behind Kyle, who earned her sixth Olympia title.  She now is just behind the legendary Lenda Murray who still has the title for most Olympias at eight.

The most impressive debut would have to be that of fourth place finisher Sheila Bleck.  Her x-frame totally looked fine on stage with some seasoned veterans and she improved as the competition progressed.  Bleck was also one of the most visibly positive athletes on stage, even applauding her competitors as they entered the stage, beaming with a huge smile the entire prejudging.

Fifth and Sixth were closely contested with just three points separating the final placings as Dayana Cadeau edged ahead of Heather Foster.  As usual Foster had a fantastic routine that got the crowd really involved and it was a pleasure to see her on stage again.

Seventh and eighth positions went to Cathy Lefrancois and Tina Chandler, respectively.  Both were not as "on" as they have been in the past and in a competition of the caliber of the Olympia, if you aren't coming in at your best, it can mean a quick drop from the top of the competition.  They still looked great, but it wasn't enough to crack the top five. Canadian Helen Bouchard took ninth and the highly anticipated Olympia debut of Brigita Brezovac was tinged with a bit of disappointment with her 10th place finish.  Brezovac was not depressed though, and when we chatted with her after the show, she was upbeat about the future and was more disappointed in herself for not bringing in her physique as she would have liked.

The same could be said for Zoa Linsey who was suffering from an injury that she powered through to compete, but that hampered the end of her prep and competing as well.  She took it like a champion though and promises to be back next year! All in all, it was a great year with many rookies making their debuts and we hope that this continues at the 2011 Olympia where Iris will go for her

Ms Olympia 2010 Iris Kyle

jr nationals 2006 - chicago - womens bodybuidling champion, krissy murrell, kris murrell


Ms Olympia
1) Iris Kyle
2) Yaxeni Oriquen
3) Debi Laszewski
4) Sheila Bleck
5) Dayana Cadeau
6) Heather Foster
7) Cathy Lefrancios
8) Tina Chandler
9) Helen Bouchard
10) Brigita Brezovac
11) Zoe Linsey

Fitness Olympia
1) Adela Garcia
2) Tanji Johnson
3) Trish Warren 
4) Myriam Capes 
5) Oksana Grishina 
6) Bethany Wagner
7) Tina Durkin
8) Regiane DaSilva
9) Nicole Duncan
10) Camela Rodriquez
11) Shannon Meteraud
12 tie) Kizzy Vaines
12 tie) Mia Finnegan
14) Yenny Polanco

Bikini Olympia
1) Sonia Gonzales  
2) Nathalia Melo  
3) Nicole Nagrani  
4) Jaime Baird  
5) Amanda Latona  
6) Alison Rosen
7) Shelsea Montes
8) Monique Minton
9) Dianna Dahlgren
10) Dina Al-Sabah
11) Natalie Pennington
12) Jessica Putnam
13) Vanessa Campbell
14) Missy Coles
15) Sherlyn Roy
16 tie) Bianca Binno
16 tie) Diana Fields
16 tie) Jessica Jessie
16 tie) Anca Marcus
16 tie) Christy Merritt
16 tie) Brooke Mora
16 tie) Khanh Nguyen
16 tie) Olah Neomi
16 tie)  Tianna Ta

Figure Olympia
1) Erin Stern
2) Nicole Wilkins Lee
3) Heather Mae French
4) Krystal Richardson
5) Felicia Romero
6) Alicia Harris
7) Teresa Anthony
8) Terri Turner
9) Candice Keene
10) Larissa Reis
11) Cheryl Brown
12) Carin Hawkins
13) Gennifer Strobo
14) Gina Trochino
15) Kristi Tauti
16 tie) Rosa-Maria Romero
16 tie) Krissy Chin
16 tie) Monica Escalante
16 tie) Marcy Porter
16 tie) Patricia Mello
16 tie) Katina Maisterllis
16 tie) Julie Kulla
16 tie) Amy ONeil 
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