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2007 Jan Tana Classic
2007 Jan Tana Bodybuilding and Figure Championiships - contest photos and coverage - genex magazine - women's bodybuilding and fitness

June 15-16, 2007 - by gene x hwang

Tarrytown, NY, USA - 2007 marked the return of the Jan Tana Classic, this time paired up with the King Kamali  Classic NPC competition.  The King Kamali amateur show featured three bodybuilders and six figure athletes.  Being the first year for the show as part of the new Pro-Am, it was a modest turnout, but something they can definitely grow from.  _S2Q0836

As any show that appears for the first time, there were a few things that didn't move as smoothly as they may have wanted, but there are sure to be improvements next year and one of the most memorable parts was the featured entertainment that Jan Tana is known for - this time including a spray tanning exhibition/guest posing-painting with Valerie Waugaman.  Yes, you heard it right.  It's something you had to see so check out the video coverage we captured.

The competition itself on the pro side was solid for the female bodybuilders.  Just before her 27th birthday, Sarah Dunlap won her first pro victory and also qualified for the Olympia.  She edged Dena Westerfield by having tighter legs and being a bit harder throughout.  It was by far Dunlap's best presentation to date and she also trimmed down her waist a little which was always a trouble area for her in the past.  With a solid six pack, and the best hamstrings on stage, she powered to the lightweight class title.  It was the first time ever that she had competed as a lightweight, but having won the overall, the class delineation was irrelevant.  

Marja Lehtonen took third with a smaller physique than in previous shows, but she still looked impressive with her full muscle bellies and fantastic posing.  Vicki Nixon once again came in shredded with ripped glutes and had added more size and polish.  The four lightweights were all fantastic and represented the sport well.

In the heavies, Stephanie Kessler made quite the debut with a victory ahead of  the massive Maryse Manois.  Manois was actually smaller than before but thick and dense with muscle throughout.  Kessler was more balanced and not as huge, with her back being her weakest point and where Dunlap was able to beat her for the overall.  The best reaction though was when Kessler was annouced as the class winner and given her rose on stage which she shook to it's death with petals flying everywhere. 

_S2Q0809While Manois was massive and thickly muscled, Kim Buck showed off her x-frame but had a problem with her delts that the judges commented on as why she was marked down and resulted in her third place result.  Irene Anderson took fourth with a nice full physique but was not quite chiseled enough.  Her regal stature and unique look are promising and when she pulls everything together just right, she can compete for the class.  

Austrian Jana Linke-Sippl once again was the most hard core bodybuilder on stage.  While not quite as hard as some of the other competitors, she was by far the most muscular woman on stage.  She finished ahead of Britain's Sarah Bridges who's upper body overpowered her lower body, but displayed good conditioning.

On the figure side of things, the results were a bit complexing with the callouts seeming to be all over the place.  The athletes were called out in numeric order so you didn't necessarily know who the judges were liking best, but from the groups it really looked like it might be Jane Awad's show.  Awad has always come in consistenly and looked to be in great shape this time around.  In the end though she was in fourth place to the surprise of many.  Hopefully Awad will get a Pro win soon, but this night was Felicia Romeros.

Romero was smoother than Awad and took the title followed by Amy Fry and Jeannette Freed, who came in looking great. Kristal Richardson, Cheri Lewis, Liane Seiwold and Christine Wan followed up to make the top  ten with Kristi Tauti and Zhanna Rotar in 9th and 10th respectively.

The most overlooked figure athlete was Jelena Abbou.  She looked amazing in the two-piece round, but since she was placed so far back in the one-piece round preceding, she wasn't able to make up the ground and was thus placed 13th.  The more muscular and conditioned athletes were also punished such as Arina Manta and Carmen Knights.  Knights was the most ripped and muscular and the judges were making their statements for the direction of the winners for figure once again.

Check out our message boards to discuss the show, post your thoughts and chat with the athletes!  

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Pro Bodybuilding

Overall:  Sarah Dunlap* 

1) Sarah Dunlap*

2) Dena Westerfield
3) Marja Lehtonen
4) Vicki Nixon

Stephanie Kessler*
2) Maryse Manios
3) Kim Buck
4) Irene Andersen
5) Jana Linke-Sippl
6) Sarah Bridges

* qualified for 2007 Olympia

Amatuer  Bodybuilding

Overall:  Dawn Whitham 

Lightweight: Barbara Barnowich
Heavyweight: Dawn Whitham

Amatuer Figure

A Class
1) Nancy Fuentes (overall)
2) Danielle Cogan
3) Gina Tracano

B Class
1) Katrina Karbuss
2) Katrina Gill

C Class
1) Donna Widell

Pro Figure

1) Felicia Romero
2) Amy Fry
3) Jeanette Freed
4) Jane Awad
5) Kristal Richardson
6) Cheri Lewis
7) Liane Seiwold
8) Christine Wan
9) Kristi Tauti
10) Zhanna Rhotar
11) Sherie Salvadori
12) Ines Jimenez
13) Jelena Abbou
14) Corry Matthews
15) Arina Manta
16 tie) Thais Cabrices
16 tie) Carmen Knights
16 tie) Silvia Matta
16 tie) Petra Mertl
16 tie) Irina Mishina
16 tie) Rosa-Maria Romero

* qualified for 2007 Olympia



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