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Female Bodybuilder Myra Marshall Profile
Myra Marshall female bodybuilder

August 3, 2010

What is your first and last name?female bodybuilder Myra Marshall
 Myra Marshall

- What is your height and weight?
Stage weight : 108 lbs. Off-season 125-130lbs  -  Height: 5'0"

- How old are you?
30 years old

- Where do you currently reside?
Camrose, Alberta

- What is your profession?
I am an organic farmer. I raise certified organic, SPCA certified humane lamb.

- How did you get started into lifting weights and training?
Since I was a kid I have loved muscular physiques. I was in and out of the gym, taking step classes and not really knowing what I was doing in the weight room, since I was 18. I stumbled across a blog on the internet that inspired me to try competing because I thought "I'm just like her, she's a normal person, she just does something not a lot of other people do but I can do that". I just didn't know exactly where to start. I worked at BodyFit Fitness Centre for a few months that summer ( 2008) and met my friend, former Nationals competitor, Gerry McCracken. He gave me, free or charge, some workout plans and a sample menu to start my contest prep 14 weeks before my first show.  He continues to be there for me to answer my questions and spot me on my heavy days at the gym now.

- Were you athletic growing up?  What other sports have you done or are currently doing?
I always excelled at short-distance running events, sprints, relays, etc., I was active, my brother and I would go mountain bike riding through trails, or build snow forts in the winter, play tag with friends, I played school volleyball in grade 10, but I would not have considered myself  athletic. I think clumsy is a better desciption.  :)

-   - What are your goals in bodybuilding?
Well, I am a natural athlete so I will go as far as I can naturally. My goal is always to do better than I did previously, increased muscle mass, sharper conditioning, more strength in the gym, better self-control when it comes to eating, etc.  I wish to be a positive role model for other women and inspiration to others wishing to improve their health, habits, even their self-esteem. I wish to share the power of positivity, self-discipline, and hard work, and to encourage others.

- In your opinion, what is your best bodypart?
Oh boy, I think I have to say my legs, maybe my calves.  I am genetically fortunate to have inherited my dad's " wheels" (which he doesn't even work), and my mom's small ankles, a great combination. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

- Do you enjoy being strong?  Why?
I enjoy it very much!  I can't tell you the last time I said "I feel fat" or  thought  "I don't like how I look". I never deal with depression anymore and I don't obsess over the scale. Before, I felt like I could never live up to society's expectation of what a woman should look like. Now I say "screw society's expectations". Be your own person, look how you want to look, be strong, be proud of your accomplishments!  I would way rather have some girth to this body than a stick frame or be "skinny fat". Being a muscular woman, especially when I'm only 5 feet tall, is fun because I see a lot of people do double takes at me and nudge whoever they're walking or sitting with and pump their arms or something like that. It has this fun sort of shock value. I get a kick out of it!

- Do you enjoy performing onstage?
 I really do.  Actually, I started on stage when I was a teenager, singing and playing guitar with a friend of mine. For about the last ten years I have been the front person for "The Myra Marshall Band". Now, that's not to say I don't get nervous up there, I still suffer from the "green apple dance" from time to time, haha, or break out in a nervous cold sweat before I go out there. In bodybuilding, my adrenaline gets going so hard I really have to focus to steady myself and just keep smiling. Always smile.

female bodybuilder Myra Marshall

- Why do you love lifting weights?
I love to challenge myself, outdo myself. It's nice to start your day with a great accomplishment. I also love my gym family.

- Tell us what a typical day is like your you. 
I'm up at 5:50am every day.  I have to eat and have my coffee and vitamins first thing and then I am out and doing farm chores. From the farm I go to the gym and most days I have time to do my cardio and my first muscle group. I also am a hairstylist, so I usually have to go home right away, have a snack, do some client's hair, then I have another meal and head back to the gym for my second muscle group, either in the afternoon or evening. I also have night chores to do at the farm and I try to get meals prepared for the next day, as much as possible anyways. Then there's the usual household tasks...everyone knows about those.

- Do you like to show off your muscles when out in public or do you cover up?
 Well, we all work hard for our muscles, so I say let people see them!  If nothing else, it's a great conversation starter.... I love tank tops!

- What misconception about bodybuilding would you like to dispell?
Lots of people say "it's unhealthy". I say "what part of eating whole, unprocessed foods, and getting regular exercise is unhealthy?"  I think there's also a stereotype out there that we are stuck up or angry or think we are better than everyone else. Honestly, bodybuilders are some of the nicest, most down to earth, friendly, encouraging people I know. That's why I love volunteering at bodybuilding shows, I love being around them! 

- What kind of stuff would we find in the backseat of your car?
My gym bag, rubber boots, dust masks for farm chores, my dog, extra farm clothes, extra gym clothes, a cooler with my meals if I'm out and about, empty water bottles, a notebook for grocery lists or writing down a song on the radio, reusable grocery bags,  various clutter and garbage and a container of bungee cords (I don't even know why those are in there). That's just what's in there now since I cleaned it a week ago.......

- Favorite movie actor/actress?
Hmmm, I have always loved John Candy. I love comedy and I always loved his humour! I think he would have been such a nice guy to know too.

- Person you would like to meet?  (living or dead)
 Susan Tedeschi is my favorite blues artist. I met her briefly at a concert, just said hi and go a picture. I'd love to jam with her sometime though.

- Anything else we should know about you?
I used to hate my legs. I thought that women were supposed to have skinny legs with knobby knees. I remember as a kid asking my mom why my legs were bigger than everyone else's. She always said "mine were stronger and I was shorter so the muscles weren't as long". I still didn't wear shorts from grade 6 until I graduated unless I was just doing yardwork or something. Since I've been bodybuilding, I get women emailing me asking what I do to get my legs. I value them now. I love my legs! I love myself and value WHO I am too and want others to know that there is more to all of everyone that just our outward appearance or physical-self. Being involved in this sport, I have met such amazing people and learned a lot about myself and learned to be kind to myself, love myself, and therefore become a better person towards other people too. When we are not so self-conscious and self-centered or feeling sorry for ourselves we can focus more on helping others. I really hope that I can be a positive light for everyone I meet.

Thank you so much for letting me share with you!

Last updated: Aug. 25, 2010 @ 12:44 a.m. PT

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